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  • Have your say – 2018/19 Traded Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Magipie Sessions on ADHD 30th January and 6th February 2019

  • Mental health training and support available to schools

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Have your say – 2018/19 Traded Services Customer Satisfaction Survey
14 Jan
I’m pleased to announce that the annual traded services customer satisfaction survey is now live on the Portal www.hes.org.uk. This is the opportunity for school leaders to give us some feedback on traded support services that have been purchased during 2018/19. The online questionnaire is located under the ‘To do list’ located on your landing page when you log on to the Portal. The survey will be available between Monday 14th January and Friday 28th February 2019. Your feedback goes a long way to drive improvements in our service delivery and customer service as we strive to offer schools and settings the best in everything we do. Knowing that we are doing this matters to us. So please have your say by undertaking the survey. We look forward to hearing from you. Remember, what you say matters. Shola Omogbehin Head of Education Traded Services
Magipie Sessions on ADHD 30th January and 6th February 2019
14 Jan
MAGPIE SESSIONS We are pleased to announce that the first two Magpie Sessions on working with pupils who have ADHD will be: Ø Wednesday 30th January 2019 Ø Wednesday 6th February 2019 Remember to save the date! Please find attached document for more information about the sessions . To confirm your place please email: Felicienne.Moukelo@havering.gov.uk Or Contact 01708-431146
Aspiring DHTs Course - 17th and 24th January 2019 Ceme 9am - 4pm
14 Jan
There are just a few available places left for the two day course at Ceme on Thursday 17th and 24th January on Aspiring DHT's We will be examining the skills, practice and qualities required to be an effective DHT. To provide guidance and opportunities, to share good practice through using a variety of case studies, guidance and tasks to develop an understanding of the complexities of the role. Sessions will cover; Teaching Standards including Performance Management, key roles and functions, using data, developing working relationships, team building, the deputy as a leader, dealing with parents, governors, external relations, chairing skills, mentoring and coaching, managing time, learning and teaching accountabilities, monitoring and evaluating strategies, filling in of application forms, interview techniques - including the do’s and don’ts of presentations at interview!!!! ?
Mental health training and support available to schools
17 Dec
Providers of mental health training and support from across the Council, NHS and voluntary sector have joined forces to create a resource outlining what they collectively offer to schools and other education settings in Havering. The resource has been updated for the Spring term 2019 and is note available here or by going to www.havering.gov.uk/fsh > Professionals Gateway > Training > Mental health training and support for Havering schools. It outlines training available to senior leaders, teachers and TAs, as well as sessions and support that can be delivered direct to young people and parents. Updates for the Spring term include: Free places for Primary School staff (one place per school) on the Youth Mental Health First Aid two-day training course. Inclusion of bereavement and generic counselling services available from Havering and Brentwood Bereavement Service. Parent workshops from You and Me Counselling No account or login details are required to access the resource, so it is accessible to all staff. If you have any questions regarding the training and support listed in the resource, please use the training provider contact details provided within it. If you have any general feedback on the resource, or if there are other organisations your school works with that you think should be included in it, please contact Claire Alp (Claire.Alp@havering.gov.uk or 01708 431365)
School Closures advise due to Adverse Weather
17 Dec
Many schools face difficulties as a result of adverse weather particularly during periods of very low temperatures and heavy snow. The Local Authority (LA) acknowledges the difficult judgement that sometimes has to be made as to whether to temporarily close the school for safety reasons. We have updated the guidance which re-iterates that schools are advised to ensure their websites are updated regularly to indicate whether they will be open or not, and parents are advised to look at the schools website. Schools are also advised to use their own social media to share the message. In addition, if any schools close due to adverse weather in Havering and they wish to share with Time FM, they can contact the team on 01708 741 075 or 01708 767 591 or email onair@time1075.net using the password "Rudolph", this will help Time to verify the announcement, as they have received hoax calls in the past. Many thanks, Trevor
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19 Jan
Five to Thrive for Early Years Practitioners/Childminders
Understand how parenting contributes to brain development in children and young people • The human brain is a social organ • Brain connections form through being connected with another working human brain • Emotional nurture feeds the brain as physical nurture feeds the body • Three key relational processes: through each step of the attachment process • Mindfulness: the adult actively holding the child in mind • Soothing / co-regulation: the adult acting as the external regulator for the child • Stimulation / co-learning: the adult actively prompting brain activity in the child • Five key relational activities: Five to Thrive • Responding and assessing needs. Five to Thrive key word – RESPOND » The child produces attachment behaviours and the parent responds • Engaging and matching. Five to Thrive key word – CUDDLE » The child and the parent become physically attuned through proximity and touch • Self-regulating stress. Five to Thrive key word – RELAX » The adult regulates their own internal state, balancing the nervous system • Playing. Five to Thrive key word – PLAY » Right-brain activity in the adult is expressed non-verbally through the face and body, and stimulates right-brain activity in the child • Verbal communication. Five to Thrive key word – TALK » Left-brain activity in the adult stimulates matching activity in the child Develop skills in promoting confident and reflective parenting • How can you help parents to gain confidence through understanding brain development? • Using Five to Thrive as an approach to develop parental confidence • Developing your work setting to promote optimal brain function for all stakeholders • How can you encourage parents to become more reflective? • Using Five to Thrive as an approach to help parents reflect on interaction with their children • Developing your work setting to promote reflective practice at all levels • Implications for practice • Planning your next steps in working to promote positive parenting
22 Jan
Hsis Early Years Baby Room Project
This third session looks at play, laughter and the environment and how important it is for the key person to be in tune with babies and to recognise the effect that early experiences have on babies’ holistic development. We will take a look at play resources and how sensory play supports early brain development.
22 Jan
SIMS Personnel 1 -The Basics
This session will give you the opportunity to: • Add/edit staff details • Add, modify and move addresses • Record staff qualifications • Record staff absences and review procedures for the Havering Payroll Absence extract • Record INSET • Record checks e.g. DBS • Understand data required for SWC • Understand links between personnel, cover and manage classroom staff (Secondary) There is a follow on session, which will cover adding contracts and other employment details to members of staff.
22 Jan
Hsis NQT - KS1 Safeguarding and Child Protection
This session covers the statutory annual safeguarding and child protection elements, and includes local context and current issues. It will give advice to those new to teaching as to their responsibilities in passing information to the Designated Safeguarding Lead in their school
22 Jan
Informal Chairs' & Vice Chairs' Meeting
An informal session to allow Chairs & Vice Chairs of governing bodies to discuss current expectations and clear topical issues being faced by their governing bodies. It is hoped that there will be a sharing of ideas, concerns and examples of good practice. Agenda items suggested by governors are welcome. Please email HGSAdmin@havering.gov.uk with any items.