• Coming Soon: The New Look HES Portal to Go Live in the Autumn Term 2019

  • Meet Stuart! (Week 2 of our Overseas Recruitment Campaign Update)

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Coming Soon: The New Look HES Portal to Go Live in the Autumn Term 2019
24 Jun
Over the past year, the HES Portal has been undergoing some behind the scenes changes. With these changes nearing completion, the new look HES Portal will go live in Autumn 2019. The most visible difference that portal users/visitors will see in the autumn term is a new feature, known as ‘The Store’. What is unique about this new feature is that, in addition to being the place where schools will be able to purchase annual service packages and ad-hoc services, ‘The Store’ will also have a section known as ‘Products’ where schools will be able to buy tangible products. These could take the form of digital or physical products. These upcoming changes will also transform users' purchasing experience on the portal, making it quicker, easier and more intuitive. Training will be provided to key staff across our schools to ensure that relevant portal users are able to make the most of the new features. Look out for further updates coming to you soon.
Meet Stuart! (Week 2 of our Overseas Recruitment Campaign Update)
21 Jun
As part of our weekly update about our overseas tour, this week, we shine a spotlight on Stuart McLaughlin, our Havering headteacher who is heading out to Australia on our overseas tour. Stuart will be interviewing potential candidates in Australia on behalf of the borough. Here's a little bit more about him... Name: Stuart McLaughlin School: Bower Park Academy Student Age Range: secondary 11 to 16, co-educational Location: Romford, Havering Stuart McLaughlin has been the Principal of Bower Park Academy since January 2017. He took over the school at a very low point after it was placed into Special Measures by Ofsted in December 2016. Under his leadership, the school was judged to be Good by Ofsted just fifteen months later - not only was this a remarkable transformation in a short period of time, it is the first time that Bower Park has been judged Good in the school’s history. Stuart is also the Chair of the Havering Learning Partnership (HLP) consisting of the headteachers and principals of secondary schools and colleges across the London Borough of Havering. Stuart is also the secondary representative on the Havering Academy of Leadership (HAoL), which provides leadership development at all levels for teachers across the borough. Stuart has been the principal of three other schools over the past 16 years and has built up a huge amount of expertise and experience in a variety of schools. As such, he will be providing Australian teachers with outstanding support, coaching, monitoring, organising and delivering professional development for any Australian teacher interviewing to work in the UK. For more information on the tour, or to submit your vacancies to Stuart and the overseas team, contact our Senior Education Manager, Nav Panesar, at navjit.panesar@supplydesk.co.uk To view our Teacher of the Week and for the full list of available overseas teachers for September and January starts, check out our dedicated resource page [requires portal login].
Havering Adult College - Now enrolling for September start TA courses
20 Jun
Havering Adult College is now enrolling for its September start Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools courses. Applicants should be working or volunteering in a Primary or Secondary setting (not EYFS) and can obtain an application form by calling 01708 554016/01708 434955 or emailing brittonsadultcollege@havering.gov.uk. The course fee is £420. Concessions may be available for prospective candidates in receipt of active work-related benefits at the time the course starts. For those who already hold the level 2 qualification, there are still limited spaces available on our Level 3 courses, details of which can be obtained by calling 01708 554016.
Looking for high-quality school staff? Supply Desk can help.
17 Jun
HES and Supply Desk have been collaborating in a formal partnership since 2018. However, Supply Desk have been working with schools across the for over a decade. The changing nature of candidates’ interaction with employers has shifted the approaches needed to attract new teachers and support staff. Limiting recruitment options to adverts in the TES and on the school website often means missing out on a huge pool of potential candidates. To combat this, Supply Desk are working with schools on strategic, long-term approaches to staffing, to help ensure Havering schools are equipped with the best teachers and support staff to educate the future of the borough. These approaches include: Marketing guidance: Helping headteachers attract the best candidates Teaching Apprenticeship Programme: Working with schools to enable them to train and develop their own teachers Interview experience: Innovative approaches to interviewing and showcasing schools The Overseas Tour: Supply Desk are flying Stuart McLaughlin, Headteacher at Bower Park Academy and Chair of the Havering Learning Partnership (HLP) to Australia to interview candidates on behalf of all of the schools in the borough The overseas tour, in particular, forms a key part of the consultancy’s commitment to Havering schools. It is a hugely exciting opportunity to showcase the schools and the borough itself and to establish long lasting relationships with overseas candidates who can make a real difference. Candidates are sourced from some of the best teaching universities in the world and are then matched to vacancies provided to Stuart and Supply Desk by schools in the borough. During his time in Australia, Stuart will interview pre-vetted candidates across three cities: Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Look out for updates from Supply Desk in the HES newsletter alongside hints, tips and ideas for senior leaders. In addition, check out our dedicated resource page [requires portal login] which will feature our Teacher of the Week and an updated list of available overseas teachers. Interested in finding out more? Contact Matt Taylor, matt.taylor@supplydesk.co.uk, or visit the website, www.supplydesk.co.uk.
Online harms in an education setting
17 Jun
The Government’s Online Harms White Paper consultation ends on the 1st July. The White Paper sets out the government’s plans for a package of online safety measures that they expect will support innovation and a thriving digital economy. Ultimately, the intention is to make companies more responsible for their users’ safety online, particularly children and other vulnerable groups. The government states that “Companies will be held to account for tackling a comprehensive set of online harms, ranging from illegal activity and content to behaviours which are harmful but not necessarily illegal.” The new whitepaper is certainly a step in the right direction as it moves towards addressing the significant risks that adults and children are facing. Luckily, we are now seeing greater awareness and buy-in from technology companies such as Facebook, who are recognising the importance of taking responsibility and adhering to the appropriate codes of conduct. While there is a big focus on age verification and suitability, this needs to be applied to school resources too. It’s important for us to raise awareness and provide the right support and guidance for schools and parents in understanding online safety risks. A lot of schools are frustrated with current systems. For example, age verification is currently based on purchase and install rather than the use of the actual product or service. For schools, this process needs to be further strengthened in terms of access and use for children using resources in the classroom – right now there seems to be a greater focus on the age restrictions in relation to purchasing consumer games and consoles so we do need a wider focus here. It’s pleasing to see that the whitepaper proposes the strengthening of responses to issues like cyberbullying and trolling; this is something that schools would certainly endorse. At present, it’s very unclear for teachers as there are no solid definitions for identifying and dealing with these issues. While a lot of the references within the whitepaper point to things like terrorist propaganda, self-harm and suicide, it’s vital to bring in the views of children and young people. We now have more than one generation of digital natives; children born into a world permeated by technology. Bringing their views into this consultation, along with the views of teachers and schools, isn’t just sensible, it’s imperative. There needs to be more protection and guidance about the risks of online content and the importance of educating children – as well as parents, schools and the public – in recognising the signs.
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25 Jun
Hsis NQT - KS1 Provision for More Able and Talented
Where are we now? Provision for More Able Pupils
26 Jun
First Aid at Work Course ( 3 days ) 26th -28th June 2019
This course provides the practical skills required in most workplaces to become a confident first aider at work. It will develop both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies. It meets the standards required to help comply with Health and Safety (First aid) Regulations. Please note: A paediatric 'add on' course is available alongside this course and runs for a couple of hours on the final afternoon of the first aid at work course. The paediatric add on will give candidates the knowledge and skills needed to understand the different techniques required when performing first aid on infants and juniors. The paediatric add on is £45 and if you would like to include this as part of your course, it can be purchased by also booking the 'paediatric add on to first aid at work course' for the same dates as this First Aid at Work course. Course Summary: • First Aid Priorities • The Unconscious Casualty • Head Injuries • Airway & Breathing Disorders • Circulation Disorders • Heart problems • Wounds/Bleeding & Bandaging • Poisoning • Burns & Scalds • Fractures & Dislocations • Strains & Sprains • Spinal injuries • Diabetes • Epilepsy • Health & Safety
26 Jun
SIMS End of Year Procedures Overview
Add/edit the new academic year and pastural structure Add/edit the new intake Set up promotion mappings for moving students to their new registration groups Process leavers Admit new pupils Set up attendance Housekeeping routines Terms and Conditions (Please see full details uploaded on course page) 3 working days’ notice of cancellations is required prior to the scheduled date of a course. Turning up at a course without prior booking will incur the full course fee plus a £25 admin charge per delegate Non-attendance at courses displayed with no stated price will incur an admin charge of £25
26 Jun
Hsis Maths - Using the Bar Method in Mathematics
The bar model is used in Singapore and other countries to support pupils’ mathematical calculation and problem solving. It allows children to consider tasks in a visual way and can be used to represent real life problems and problems around the four operations, ratio and proportion and algebra. This course will consider how to use the bar model to support the maths curriculum and we will discuss how it may be seen as a bridge between the concrete and abstract.
26 Jun
'Healthy Schools London' Bronze Award Workshop (two part)
This course is for staff leading their school’s work to achieve the Healthy Schools London (HSL) Bronze Award. The HSL programme enables schools to effectively identify and meet the health and wellbeing needs of the pupils in their care. This robust self-evaluation process will assist schools in providing clear evidence in line with Ofsted criteria that they are supporting the personal development, behaviour and welfare of their pupils. The programme embodies a whole school approach and promotes pupil voice, SMSC development and encouraging pupils to develop the skills to make healthy lifestyle choices. The Bronze Award reviews current policy and practice, and ensures that minimum “Healthy Schools London” standards are in place.