• Reminder: Have your say by completing the 2018/19 Traded Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Changes to Medigold Health Placement Questionnaire & Management Referral process

  • New reports available on the portal

  • Fearless - Secondary School Resources

  • School Complaints Procedures

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Reminder: Have your say by completing the 2018/19 Traded Services Customer Satisfaction Survey
11 Feb
We only have a few more weeks left before the customer satisfaction survey closes and we are eager to hear from you. If you are yet to complete the survey log onto the portal and complete the questionnaire, which is located under the ‘To do list’ located on your landing page. This is a fantastic opportunity for school leaders to give us some valuable feedback on traded support services that have been purchased during 2018/19. We want to hear from you and want to know exactly what we did right and where we can improve. The survey will be available up until Friday 28th February 2019. We look forward to hearing from you. HES
New reports available on the portal
11 Feb
The developers behind the HES portal have recently launched a number of new reports to enable establishments to quickly view and monitor packages, training and services. We have collated a handy guide for these new reports which we hope you’ll find easy to follow, please click here to review the guide. The new reports will allow you to; view and export items in the shopping basket to verify with Governors, SLT and other staff; view recent transactions with a number of different reporting options; purchase reports for a designated buying period along with any refunds; and more! If you would like support with accessing these reports please contact the commercial services team on 01708 431561 or by email support@hes.gov.uk.
Changes to Medigold Health Placement Questionnaire & Management Referral process
07 Feb
For all brokerage subscribers please follow this link for more information on the Management Referral process which takes effect from MONDAY 11th FEBRUARY 2019 . N.B The online pre-placement check process remains the same. This link can only be accessed by the brokerage service subscribers and you will need to be signed in to the portal to view the content before you click on the link.
Fearless - Secondary School Resources
04 Feb
Safer Schools Sergeant, PS Lewis Watson, would like you to be made aware of the following link. He would encourage schools to select all poster types available (excluding alcohol and arson). Where possible, he has asked that the posters are displayed around all secondary school establishments and inclusion rooms.The intention is to promote the ‘Fearless’ campaign.
School Complaints Procedures
18 Jan
The DfE has published new guidance on the handling of complaints which includes two non-statutory model documents which colleagues may wish to consider and discuss with their governing bodies. The additional documents are a model complaints procedure and a model policy for managing serial and unreasonable complaints The new guidance can be found here.
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26 Feb
Hsis Computing - Building and protecting your school’s online reputation
The internet and social media provide excellent opportunities for schools to share news about events, activities, learning and much more with parents and the wide community. However, it also allows everyone else to offer their opinions about the school – good and bad. This workshop will introduce tips and advice for building and protecting your school’s reputation online.
26 Feb
Working in partnership with parents
The training will include the following topics: • Identify the key elements of working in partnership with parents • Reflect on some of the issues facing parents of children with additional needs • Explain the benefits of working in partnership for all involved • Explore possible barriers to partnership working for Early Years providers • Enable participants to reflect on current practice and identify areas for change
26 Feb
Hsis HLTA - Primary HLTA Network Meeting (Spring 2019)
Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) fulfil a vital role in schools; supporting learning and helping to raise standards. This meeting will provide an opportunity to network with HLTA colleagues from other Havering schools, share good practice, consider recent developments in education and address identified development needs.
26 Feb
Hsis NQT - KS1 Behaviour Management (Part 2)
• The aims of this session are to learn about the skills used by effective classroom managers, including: • Understanding pupils with BESD - A range of strategies for handling challenging situations to support Inclusivity in the classroom • How effective classroom management impacts on learning and why restorative relationships are important. • Reflection for professional development
27 Feb
Emergency First Aid Course (1 day) 27th February 2019
Course Summary: • First Aid Priorities • The Unconscious Casualty • Airway & Breathing disorders • Circulation Disorders • Wounds/Bleeding • Health & Safety