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Realising the potential of technology in education: HES' Whitepaper Round-up
20 May
The UK government recently unveiled a new EdTech strategy backed by funding of £10 million to drive innovation and raise attainment in schools, colleges and universities across England. The strategy outlined several education challenges that it wishes to address by harnessing the power of technology, beginning with easing teachers’ heavy workloads. The strategy plans to address how technology can be used to cut down time teachers spend on this sort of administrative task, as well as tackling cheating and improving training opportunities for teachers. To help deliver this training, the government will also be launching a series of demonstrator schools and colleges to showcase the best practices of using edtech and help teachers gain access to peer to peer support. Free training courses from the Chartered College of Teaching will accompany this initiative in order to help teachers make the best use of technology. Education Secretary Damian Hinds said, “We are living in a digital world with technology transforming the way we live our lives – both at home and in the workplace. But we must never think about technology for its own sake. Technology is an enabler and an enhancer. For too long in education, technology has been seen as something that adds to a teacher’s workload rather than helps to ease.” Another challenge laid out in the strategy was harnessing the power of technology in special education. Technology has long been seen as an enabler and a leveller in this area; it can make education accessible and improve learning outcomes for learners who have struggled to access traditional or mainstream education. The potential in connecting schools to businesses is also highlighted in the strategy. Bringing teachers together with innovators will, it is hoped, help to tackle common challenges and ensure that future products or solutions are developed with schools’ needs front and centre. Working with Nesta, the innovation foundation, the DfE hopes to find edtech solutions for formative assessment, parental engagement and marking, other challenges laid out in the strategy. The strategy also highlighted a new service, LearnED, run in conjunction with the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) which will allow schools to try educational edtech solutions before investing in them. The DfE is now forming an edtech Leadership Group, which will be responsible for determining the future use and implementation of technology throughout the education sector.
Unique Offers for Schools: Leadership Matters Resources
13 May
HES is proud to announce a new partnership with education business, Leadership Matters. The aim of the partnership is to provide cost-effective leadership development for our customers in Havering and beyond the borough. Leadership Matters is a complete online resource to support leaders at all levels, from those aspiring to middle leadership right through to those in executive roles. Through a mix of content and diagnostic tools, members can develop their leadership skills and apply these to suit their context for the betterment of pupil outcomes. Exclusively for Havering schools and academies, maintained schools will receive their first year’s license free and academies will benefit from a 50% discount. Existing members will have their licenses extended until April 2020 at no extra cost. For schools beyond Havering, Leadership Matters is offering the opportunity to purchase a full year’s licence with a 12.5% discount. Each member school will receive 5 complimentary books (3 copies of Leadership Matters 3.0 and 2 copies of Leadership Matters Reflective Journal) which have a retail value of around £14 each. For any queries about these offers, would like to find out more, or would like to purchase, call our customer support team on 01708 431 561 or email at support@hes.org.uk.
Grant opportunities
13 May
To access the latest funding opportunities for schools and academies please click on the above heading. Only for subscribers of the finance team.
DfE call for evidence on provision for children with SEND and for those who need AP
13 May
The DfE has launched a call for evidence on the financial arrangements for provision for children and young people with SEND and for those who need alternative provision. The LA’s draft response will be discussed with the Schools Funding Forum at the June meeting but schools, academies and colleges are encouraged to respond individually. Please click here to access the document.
New online finance qualifications available on HES portal
07 May
HES is pleased to announce a new working partnership with Educator Solutions. Through this trusted partnership, we are able to offer our schools access to Educator Solutions’ highly commended Bookkeeping in Education and Administering Finance in Education qualifications. Bookkeeping in Education and Administering Finance in Education are comprehensive online learning packages created by fully qualified, experienced professionals and tailored to all school settings. These fully accredited online packages are available to purchase from the HES portal. Shola Omogbehin, Head of Education Traded Services, and Nick Carter, Principal Finance Officer (Schools), said of the qualifications, “We are confident that customers will receive practical and indispensable learning that can be put to use from day one. We feel this will be of particular interest to staff new to academy accounting or those who think they may be working in that context in the future. It also offers a good foundation to those staff who are looking to pursue a career in finance and accounting particularly relating to schools.” Educator Solutions is a not-for-profit trading enterprise, wholly owned by Norfolk County Council, providing a range of quality products and services to schools. Educator Solutions’ ethos to deliver high quality services to schools to improve educational outcomes aligns with HES, thus providing a fitting partner for the benefit of our customers. For more information about Bookkeeping in Education and Administering Finance in Education, click here and here. If you have any queries or to book your place, call HES’ Customer Support Team on 01708 431 561 or email support@hes.org.uk.
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20 May
Hsis Early Years - Managing Effective Transitions from Nursery to Reception
Transitions are key moments in children’s lives. Children who are settled and happy in Nursery face upheaval when they move to school and this transition should be carefully managed. The manner in which adults manage children’s transitions is crucial in ensuring that children are well prepared for the next phase in their education. This course will consider SMART planning for transition, information sharing and how to support children and parents through transition. It will also consider which children may be particularly vulnerable at a time of transition and how these children can be supported. A third element that will be discussed is child protection requirements for sharing of information between professionals at the time of transition.
21 May
Colourful Semantics and Lego-based Therapy
Colourful Semantics is an intervention regularly recommended by the Speech and Language Therapy team. It uses a colour coded approach to support sentence construction and understanding question words. It is simple to use and can be adapted for all levels. It can be used individually and in the classroom. Lego-based Therapy is a structured social skills group that develops turn taking skills, collaborative skills, joint attention, negotiation skills and how to ask for and accept help. An adult leads a group of three children, who each adopt a specific role for the building task.
21 May
Hsis Science - Developing and supporting more able scientists
This course will look at planning that will foster the development of effective assessment techniques to extend the learning of primary science. The course will enable subject leaders to develop skills to encourage engaging and independent learning, as well as tackle underachievement in more able students through working scientifically.
21 May
Hsis Leadership - New Headteacher Induction Programme (8 Sessions)
This programme is an opportunity for new Headteachers (up to 2 years’ experience) to meet on a regular basis in each other’s school. There will be a focus on a range of key professional aspects of the role and participants will determine the exact content of the sessions.
21 May
Hsis NQT - KS1 All children matter
The session will cover: • the code of practice for SEN and the implications for class teachers • recent initiatives relating to SEN • the importance of Inclusion