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We've changed our email address

We are delighted to announce that our new brand name and Portal web address have been successfully activated.  If you already have our old web address stored in your web browser’s  favourites folder, this should be automatically redirected to our new web address.

Our new email address

Please be informed that our group response contact email address has changed to

If you do not  receive our emails as from 2nd Feb 2018, please check your ‘junk email’ folder and add us to your contacts.

Pronouncing our new ‘HES’ brand name

Please note that the new brand name ‘HES’ should be pronounced as one word rather than each letter being pronounced singly or separately. Phonetically, it is suggested that you should pronounce the name as ‘HES’ with the ‘e’ and ‘s’ sounding like that in ‘Yes’.

02 Feb 2018

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