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Travel Training- ITT

I wondered if you have ever heard of Independence and Travel Training- ITT?
As a local charity we provide lifelong skills to help enable our students to gain independence and freedom to make informed decisions for a positive life. We work closely with parents, schools and colleges as well as local authorities to be able to provide a tailor made programme for our students, as safety is our priority as well as giving our students enough confidence to face the world as it is.
We have successfully run our services with local London boroughs for over 8 years now and would like to provide help for many more.
Feel free to look into our services through our website or get back to me for any other info.
Kind regards,
Kerry Cannadine
Travel Training Coordinator
DABD (uk)
42-48 Parsloes Avenue
Tel:  020 8215 9630
Mobile: 0787 149 6027Email:

08 Oct 2018

Kerry Cannadine, Travel Training Coordinator
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