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Junior Memory Championship 2018-19

“The science of memory is key to helping students learn”

Catharine Young, Neuroscientist and Senior Advisor for Science and Innovation at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Guardian Dec 2015

“Memory is the first stage of learning. Good luck with the championship this year”.

Professor Sue Gathercole OBE, Cognitive Psychologist specialising in Memory, Learning and Language. 
Director of MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge


Dear Teacher,


This year, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Junior Memory Championship and launched the Asian Junior Memory Championship in Singapore (see for details).


Registration for the 11th UK Junior Memory Championship 2018/19 is now open.  


Click here for quick and easy registration.

The purpose of the Junior Memory Championship is to equip children with valuable and effective memory skills helping them achieve their very best results in SATs and other end-of-year tests. The memory skills show your children how much they can improve their learning – when they know how.  Through the JMC we've seen the impact of memory training for a decade now. Each year between 20,000 and 25,000 children participate becoming more confident and successful learners.  The real value in the JMC is in the training materials for you to teach your children.  As an added incentive, we also run an online competition which is not compulsory but there for those children who enjoy a bit of competition! 


“All the children made at least four average point score (APS) progress, while 80% of them made more than four APS progress and that is across reading, writing and maths”
Ashley Winters, Headteacher Brownmead Academy

New this year: Ten teacher training videos.  Also new this year, the competition is now open to Year 5 and Year 6 children. 

The JMC Training Plan has been specifically designed to fit into your normal timetable. The JMC has already proved itself as an effective project that’s easy to run, with a rapid impact, but we’ve made several additional innovations this year, including:  


  • a set of instructional video clips for teachers, explaining each of the memory training sessions
  • new resources for children, with video clips to help them do lots of the training independently
  • a slimmed-down set of online competition tests, helping the children to show off the results of their training and compete for a place in the national final
  • prizes for the best-performing schools, and public recognition in our new online 'Hall of Fame'
  • prizes for the teachers who have the most impact on their children's learning skills 


The registration fee (£50 + VAT) gives you access to all the training materials, videos, lesson plans and other resources, plus full guidance to take part in the online competition. Then, for a nominal contribution of £2 per participating child, you can enter as many of your Year 6 pupils as you want into the online contest itself, letting them pit their wits against children from all over the UK.  As well as certificates for everyone taking part, a wonderful day in London awaits for the top performers, with the chance to win some great prizes at the Final – and, of course, that title of Junior Memory Champion 2019.  

We hope that your school will join us for the 2018/19 competition and that your children will benefit from these essential learning skills.

Three reasons to sign up to JMC:

1.  Children enjoy the course
2.  The skills taught help the children with their SATS and other exams
3.  Once learnt, the memory enhancement methods are a 'for life' skill.

Kind Regards
Caroline Shott

11 Oct 2018

Caroline Shott, Founder & CEO The Learning Skills Foundation
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