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Quality Assurance and Candidate Vetting (Week 4 of our Overseas Recruitment Campaign)

Here at Supply Desk, we pride ourselves on recruiting high-quality candidates, whether they are based in the UK or overseas. Because of this, all of our international candidates are subject to a full quality assurance and vetting process before they even arrive in the UK.


This process is achieved through close collaboration between our dedicated overseas team, our UK branches and of course, the Headteachers we fly to Australia. 


Please find an outline of our in-depth vetting process below:


Stage 1 – Vetting
An initial vetting conversation takes place between the candidate and our overseas team, where our team determines suitability for work and teaching quality. We also ascertain what type of work the candidate is looking for when they are planning to relocate to the UK and the area they wish to work in.


Stage 2 – Telephone or Skype Interview with UK team
Our UK team conduct a telephone or Skype interview with the candidate and start to consider which schools might be a good fit for the candidate and vice versa. We consider location, ethos and climate of the school and experience of the candidate to ensure we are making the perfect match.


Stage 3 – Overseas Tour – Stuart Interviews candidates in person
Drawing on his 15 years of experience as a Headteacher, Stuart McLaughlin interviews the candidate in person while in Australia. He makes recommendations of suitability based on his impression of the candidate and their experience. Stuart and the UK team collaborate to see if he agrees with the schools shortlisted by the UK team.


Stage 4 – UK schools Skype or Telephone interview
Schools rely on recommendations from Stuart and Supply Desk to shortlist the candidates for interview. Potential schools can now interview the candidates for themselves, either via telephone or Skype. 


For more information on our quality assurance and vetting process, please contact our Senior Education Manager – Nav Panesar on 01923 295 304 or at Navjit.panesar@supplydesk.co.uk.

08 Jul 2019

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