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#AskAboutAsthma Campaign

#AskAboutAsthma Campaign: 16th - 22nd September 2019

The start of the new school year coincides with the highest hospital admission rates for asthma.  The #AskAboutAsthma campaign, run by the Healthy London Partnership and NHS England London, encourages small steps to improve the quality of life for children and young people living with asthma in London.  


Missing school or PE as a result of asthma is entirely preventable if the right care for children with asthma is in place.  This year's campaign is asking children, parents, health professionals and teachers to name one thing they have done, will do, or would like to see happen to improve asthma care or air quality for children and young people in London.


We're asked to write this on the attached #OneThingLDN poster and tweet it to @HealthyLDN and @LBofHavering either as a photo-selfie or video-selfie using #OneThingLDN and #AskAboutAsthma.  You can view an example of a child’s video tweet here.


Ideas for staff include:

- Encourage pupils and parents to walk or cycle to school to reduce pollution

- Encourage parents to switch off their engines when waiting outside school to improve air quality

- Make sure our school meets all of the Asthma Friendly Schools criteria

- Book an ‘Asthma Management in Schools’ session for staff with our school nurse

- Book an AIR asthma education workshop or assembly for pupils 


Ideas for children include:

- Keep my preventer inhaler next to my toothbrush so I remember to take it twice a day

- Walk to school to help reduce air pollution and make it easier for me and other people to breathe

- Let my parents or carers know if I’m using my blue inhaler more often than usual


Healthy London Partnership has developed a set of ambitions and standards for how asthma care should be delivered across the city.  Last year our School Nursing Service worked with schools to audit which of these standards are already being met and identify areas for improvement.  Thank you to the 80 schools that took part in this, we'll be reporting back soon on findings and working with you to plan future actions.



05 Sep 2019

Claire Alp, Senior Public Health Specialist, Health and Wellbeing in Schools Service
Health & Wellbeing in Schools Service
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