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Avoid Penalty Charges: Car Parking Controls Operating at CEME

Dear Colleagues,

Please be advised that from 1st September 2019, ANPR car parking controls and charges have been introduced at CEME Campus where our Learning and Development Centre (HES training rooms) is situated.

As a delegate/visitor registered to attend any of our training courses, meetings or other events held in training rooms 233, 234, 235 or at any other location within the CEME Conference Centre, we have made arrangements to ensure you don’t have to pay the standard £1 daily parking charge at CEME. There are now tablet-sized terminals installed in all three rooms and all you have to do on arrival at CEME, is enter your vehicle registration details using the terminals provided. You can locate these terminals to your left-hand side as you enter each room. We have inspected and tested the terminals and can confirm that they’re quick and easy to use.   

To be covered by this exemption from parking charges and to avoid being served a £100 penalty notice by the parking operator, it is the responsibility of every registered delegate/visitor to ensure that you enter your vehicle registration details using the terminals provided.   

Parking in designated parking areas
If you will be driving to the CEME campus, please make sure to park your vehicle in the designated parking areas. The parking operator is licensed to penalise instances of poor parking e.g. parking across two bays, on pavements/walkways or double yellow lines, etc. All these will trigger a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and a penalty charge will be applied. 


What you should do in the event that you cannot find a designated space to park?
Please do not turn around and leave CEME on these rare occasions! Should you not be able to find parking space in one of the designated areas, we have been informed of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which takes effect at CEME to ensure that a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will not be issued in the event that delegates/visitors park in undesignated parking spaces e.g. on verges, lawns, etc. On these rare occasions, please follow the procedure detailed below.

1. Firstly try parking your car in the area of the service road that is reserved especially for overspill parking (will be signposted on the campus) 
2. If the reserved overspill area is full, find another undesignated area to get parked BUT you must report this to main reception once in the building
3. You will not be issued with a PCN if you follow the instructions above

This information has been sent to all headteachers, business and finance managers. Due to the nature of the information, I would be grateful if you could circulate this information to all staff. 

Shola Omogbehin
Head of Education Traded Services 

06 Sep 2019

Shola Omogbehin
Customer Services
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