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TA Resilience (for Primary and Special schools)

HES has been working with the Education Support Partnership, the UK’s only wellbeing and mental health charity, to develop a range of support services for our schools.

Through this partnership, we are undertaking a small-scale research project with Teaching Assistants. The study would start in September 2019 and would run for 6 months until Easter 2020, and the time commitment for the schools to take part would not be onerous.  

We have had a good response to our initial invitation, but we have a few spaces left, so we would like to invite your school to participate, with four TAs taking part from each school.

In order to be able to measure the impact of the proposed resilience training, two TAs from each school would receive the training and two would not, and then at the end of the project, we would offer resilience training to those TAs who did not receive it as part of the project. Thus, the TAs would only need to be released from school duties for a limited period.  

As part of the project, TAs would need to complete questionnaires and speak to researchers etc, and this study is currently being planned with UCL/Institute of Education, who would also evaluate the study.

Further information can be found here. If you are interested in participating, please email Trevor Cook at trevor.cook@havering.gov.uk.

09 Sep 2019

Trevor Cook
Customer Services Team
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