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Arrange a ‘Safe Bus’ Day With TFL and Met Police

East Area Safer Transport Team, working in partnership with TFL Travel Mentor Team, Stagecoach Bus Company and Havering Council, can deliver a ‘safe bus day’ for students with disabilities.

The half-day sessions consist of a planned bus journey just for our participants, during which a number of ‘travelling safely’ scenarios will be enacted by Metropolitan Police officers in plain clothes while the TFL travel mentor will talk them through the risks and give them advice. Our participants will be directly involved in each scenario and will be asked for their input and how they would have dealt with the situation presented to them. The session also features an element of road safety.


Who is it suitable for?
The session is suitable for students who have a disability or are vulnerable of year 6 and upwards. We will explore all aspects of travelling safely through interactive role plays and the sessions are in a safe environment designed to help towards independent travel. 

Stagecoach Bus Company will allocate a free bus for the day. During the session, the bus will take a planned route, attached.


Planned route
• Teachers and students will meet the bus at Bus Stop L Romford Market
• There are two sessions: Morning 10:30 – 12:00 or Afternoon 12:30 – 14:00 
• The bus will do two loops of the planned route leaving Romford Market and heading towards Queens Hospital, Rush Green Whalebone Lane and onto the London Road where the students will alight the bus and will be given Road safety instructions crossing the road and embarking back on the bus for the second part of the journey.


How many students can attend the bus day?
We are able to take a maximum of 30 students, a minimum of 10 per session.

If you do not have 30 students we can arrange with other schools/groups to fill up the numbers or please feel free if you would like to make contact with another school. Please do this prior to making your booking so that we have confirmed numbers. 


Once you have asked for a date we will confirm with you if it is available. Due to limited space we ask that should a student need a carer you limit it to one per student.


How to book
If you would like to make a booking please contact Mel  Marshall, Redbridge Safer Transport Team on 020 345 3466 or email, mel.marshall @met.police.uk.

18 Feb 2020

Amy Reed, Joint Commissioning Unit | Published by
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