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Youth Unity Festival 2020

Youth Unity is a peace festival to celebrate young Londoners’ achievements and shine a light on the positive contributions they make to society.


The Youth Unity Festival will take place in Havering on 20th June, at Harrow Lodge Park, London Borough of Havering with the aim to unite our community and empower our young people.


Youth Unity celebrates young people’s achievements, encourages aspiration, and contributes to effecting positive change for young people who are disadvantaged by issues such as social isolation, hate crime, school exclusion, low educational attainment, anti-social behaviour, re-offending, unemployment and socio-economic deprivation.


We will host a football tournament with over 900 young people from across London coming to take part, with premiership clubs officially attending to talent scout. A music stage which we are working to make part of an accredited training programme helping young people into employment. Lots of great empowering things to help young people, lots of signposting to get help and advice.  We anticipate Youth Unity to become the biggest youth festival in the UK with spin-off events throughout the year.


The key aspects of the festival includes programmes for:

  • Volunteering, learning and participation.Community outreach and engagement.
  • Sports - Pan-London five-a-side football tournament plus rugby, basketball, and other inclusive games...
  • Performing arts - music, dance, drama, circus, carnival, visual and digital media skills workshops.
  • Health and Wellbeing - mental health, sexual health, keeping fit basics etc.


We would very much like the opportunity leading up to the event to come into schools across the borough and talk about the great opportunities we will have on the day.  

I have attached a PDF of the latest presentation deck about the Youth Unity event.

“Working to find solutions to make a better future for our youth”

Kind regards
Shirley Jackson
0207 169 6250

18 Feb 2020

Shirley Jackson, Youth Unity CIC | Published by
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