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Payroll Contract
Prices are based upon assignements/roles per month

The annual charge for the service is based on the number of assignments/roles on the payroll system as at February 2019.

• The annual charge for Academies will be based upon a charge of £4.42 per assignment/role per month.
• Manual payment / Cancellation Request. Should the service user request a payment* via B.A.C.S. the charge will be £25.00. The charge for a payment made via C.H.A.P.S. will be £50
• In addition to the above:
- There will be a separate charge the payment of supply teachers at £4.20 per payslip per month;
- there will be a set up cost per assignment for the implementation of new payrolls;
- there will be an administrative charge of £10.00 made directly to the employee for the production of duplicate payslips, P60s, P11d benefit statements or their equivalent

The charge for manual payments will be recovered via invoice or journals within three months of the payment being processed.

*Manual payments resulting from a payroll error made by Payroll will be funded by oneSource.
Any additional work required will be charged outside of the SLA

Prices are based upon assignements/roles per month
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